T Shirts

T Shirts

Awesome selection of original bespoke Zombie T-Shirts exclusive to Smart-FX. Fleshy pieces of zombie apparel. 

Printed using (DTG) Direct to garment, an awesome process involving the artwork being digitally printed straight onto the garment. No tacky feel, no peel, and so durable you can iron over it!!

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SFX Darryle Dixon T shirt

There is the GOOD, there is the BAD and then there's THE DARRYLE DIXON!!Gildan Softstyle™ t-shirts a..

SFX I Love Zombie T shirt

Have a Heart for ZOMBIES. Show your love for these shuffling rotten corpses with this great premium ..

SFX Infection Control Tshirt

A painful reminder to an outbreak now long forgotten. Were you part of this quarantine facility? We ..

SFX Keep Calm Zombies Eat Brains

Keep calm cuz zombies eat brains, so you're safe, long sleeve t shirt.Gildan Softstyle™ long sleeve ..

SFX Keep Calm Zombies Eat Brains

Keep calm cuz zombies eat brains, so you're safe, do you get me??Gildan Softstyle™ t-shirts are made..

SFX London Zombie T shirt

Are you a London ZOMBIE? Get this awesome tee and prove it!!Gildan Softstyle™ t-shirts are made from..

SFX This is Zombie food!

Forget the M&S adverts..This is proper posh nosh....FOR ZOMBIES THAT IS!!Gildan Softstyle™ t-shi..

SFX Zombie Apocalypse Tshirt

Zombie Apocalypse? so?!! Been there!!, Seen it!!, Done it!!, and even got the t shirt obviously!!Gil..

SFX Zombie Horde T shirt

The horde is closing in, you are out of ammo, what do you do!!Gildan Softstyle™ t-shirts are made fr..

SFX Zombie T shirt

ZOMBIE T shirt nuff said!!Gildan Softstyle™ t-shirts are made from 100% soft style yarn cotton, and ..

SJM White Walker T shirt

THE WHITE WALKER, Steve May brings you his version of the White Walker from TV series Game Of Throne..