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Real Ideas Organisation

Real Ideas Organisation

What is Future Make?

Future Make, presented by Real Ideas, is a series of ground-breaking programmes and projects for children aged 7 - 11 years old.

What can I do at Future Make?

From flying drones and creating digital immersive experiences, to designing extreme structures and thinking up exciting new ideas about interesting things, the question should be 'What can't I do at Future Make?'.

Events at Future Make

Future Make offers a number of events both after school and during the school holidays. You can find out more and book onto one of the events on our website - we'd love to see you there.

Start making your future

Take the confidence, experience and insight you gain and start to make a difference. Not only will you learn what you need for the future, you'll have great fun doing it - perfect!

Real Ideas – Real Ideas is a social enterprise that looks to do good. Based in Plymouth with offices in Cornwall and Bristol, we are passionate about finding solutions to social problems, creating and supporting real and lasting change for individuals, organisations, communities and places.

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