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HM Female Pinhead T shirt

Award winning horror photographer Rick Jones's take on Clive Barkers iconic Hellraiser character, Pi..


SFX Holes Of The Hock Beanie

Holes of the hock - Unstoppable killing machine Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th. The ren..


SFX Horror Icon Jason T shirt

HORROR ICON - JASON, unstoppable mommas boy AKA Iconic horror movie character Jason V..


SFX Horror Icon LeatherFace T shirt

HORROR ICONS -LEATHERFACE, Iconic character LeatherFace from Texas Chainsaw Masacre. Bubba Sawyer IS..


SFX Horror Icon Pinhead T shirt

HORROR ICONS -PINHEAD, Iconic character Pinhead from Hellraiser the lead cenobite. Taking sadism and..


SFX Horror Icons Tshirt

HORROR ICONS, 12 of the best classic horror icons around, from Jason Vorhees to Jigsaw from Pin..