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Share and get paid!

Smart-FX Affiliate


Become a Smart-FX Affiliate now and earn money from simply sharing our products and services on your site or social media. Customising and designing fun products online is enjoying and increasing in popularity. Smart-FX is one of the leading and best-known providers of personalised and custom printed products in the UK. Why not cash in on this trend yourself by promoting Smart-FX and our products on your website or social media page? Every order placed with Smart-FX via your share will earn you attractive commission. 

Smart-Artists becoming affiliates.

If you are currently a Smart-Artist then you will be able to share other Artists products which in turn increases your chances of gaining commission, plus this gives a helping hand to other Artists as you will both receive the commission. If you share your own products and it sells, you will receive the standard rate at 20%. If you share another Artists product and it sells you will both receive your standard 20%. What this does is not only increase your chances of earning commission from a larger array of products but also lends a helping hand to another artist. Artists working together sharing each others products is a great way to help boost one another's brand and reap the benefits


Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy and free registration and participation
  • Earn money with every order placed via a simple link share on your site or social media page
  • Fair and attractive commission payments
  • A comprehensive range of different products to choose from and share

Become a Smart-FX Affiliate in just 4 steps:

  • Register free of charge with our affiliate scheme: 
  • Navigate to your affiliate dashboard and select product
  • generate a unique tracking url
  • Benefit from orders immediately and earn attractive commission on profits of sale

If i'm a Smart-Artist, how does this work?:

  • Share ANY product including your own and get paid commission: 
  • You will receive your standard commission rate upon sale of your own products.
  • Helping hand. Both you and another Artist will get commission if you share another Artists product and it sells.
  • This gives you a bigger array of products to choose from, including Smart-FX's products increasing chances of gaining commission.

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